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Taxis are a great option for getting around Las Vegas. With thousands of taxis in the city, it is easy to see why this is a popular mode of transport.

Whether you would like to get to the nearest hotel after your flight, or are simply looking to explore the city’s many attractions, a Vegas taxi is sure to get you to your destination.

Las Vegas Taxis, From Airport & Strip, Cab Companies, Rates & Fares

Before getting a taxi in Sin City, there are a few important things you need to consider. A flagfall applies before the meter even starts to run. For visitors arriving at the airport, an extra airport fee is applicable. Each taxi can only take a maximum of five passengers, including kids. Group travelers will be forced to split up to accommodate five passengers per taxi.

Visitors are also advised that it is illegal to hail taxis from the sidewalk. It is best to go to the nearest hotel or casino where taxis are usually waiting for passengers. The taxis are filled on a first-come-first-served basis in an orderly manner.

Once inside, you inform the driver of your destination before the trip begins. The taxi meter shows the total amount of fare to be paid on arrival, with payment available in USD only & so it helps to carry local currency in small bills. This not only makes it easy to get change, but it is also vital as not all taxis accept credit card payments.

With more than a dozen registered taxi companies in Las Vegas, there is never a shortage of ways to explore the city. Some of the most popular companies include Western Cab, Virgin Valley Cab Company, Union Cabs, Henderson Taxi, as well as Checker Cab. All the registered taxi companies in Las Vegas offer lift-equipped cabs to cater to travelers using wheelchairs or scooters.

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