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Wahweap Overlook
Wahweap Overlook

Wahweap Overlook

Wahweap Overlook is an excellent viewpoint from where you can catch magnificent views of Lake Powell and the vast landscape in the background.

The viewpoint’s proximity to Horseshoe Bend makes it an idyllic spot to catch the scenic views of Page in Arizona.

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The Wahweap Overlook is famed for its breathtaking views, particularly at sunrise and at sunset. To get to the viewpoint from Antelope Canyon, visitors will need to cross over the Glen Canyon Bridge. While you’re here, take a moment at the bridge and soak in the views of the Glen Canyon Dam in the distance. From here, the next stop is the Carl Hayden Visitor Center from where the overlook is just an 11-minute drive.

Early risers will particularly enjoy taking a quiet drive to the viewpoint at the crack of dawn and waiting to see the sun’s first rays as they usher in a new day of adventure. Arizona has some of the best sunsets, and this overlook does not disappoint.

During the day, the serene Lake Powell comes into view, stretching as far as the eye can see. The lake’s blue waters contrast beautifully with the rugged desert landscape, making the subject for perfect photos.

At sunset, the viewpoint comes alive with photography enthusiasts waiting for the ideal moment to take a sunset photo. The amazing views at sunset are a must-experience for those exploring the region for the first time. Simply check out the sunset time given for a specific day, arrive ahead of time, and wait to end the day with a glorious sunset.

On a good day, it is possible to have the sunset in the west and have the moon rise from the opposite direction – right behind some of Arizona’s most iconic hoodoos. The views of the night sky at Wahweap Overlook are a memorable experience for every visitor who stops over at this viewpoint.

Ten minutes from Wahweap Overlook is another popular attraction – Horseshoe Bend. This bend marks the precise point where the Colorado River curves, with sweeping views of the deep gorges and rugged edges.

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What is the Wahweap Overlook address?
What are the Wahweap Overlook opening hours?
Open 24 Hours

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is open 24 hours per day, year-round. If there is not a person manning the entrance station, you may pay your entrance fee at the automated booth. Launch ramps are open all day unless closed due to low water.

Carl Hayden Visitor Center
Summer: 8am - 6pm
Fall: 8am - 5pm
Winter: 8am - 4pm
Spring: 8am - 5pm

Please visit our website for more information on the Wahweap Overlook.
What are the Wahweap Overlook entry prices?
Weekly Passes
Vehicle Entrance: $30
Motorcycle Entrance: $25
Individual Entrance: $15
Boating Entrance: $30
Boating Entrance additional vessel: $30

Please visit our website for more information on the Wahweap Overlook.
What is the Wahweap Overlook phone number?
What is the Wahweap Overlook email address?

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