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When To Go To Las Vegas
When To Go To Las Vegas

When to go to Las Vegas

For many visitors, knowing when to go to Las Vegas is a crucial aspect of the planning process.

Las Vegas is a year-round destination, but there are actually better times when you should visit the city.

When to go to Las Vegas & Best Time To Visit The Strip & Stay in Nevada

The best time to go to Las Vegas is mainly dependent on one’s needs. Las Vegas travel seasons can be divided into three broad categories. These include the high, shoulder, and low seasons. The high season typically lasts from January to April and during major holidays. While Las Vegas attracts a considerable crowd all year long, there is increased traffic during national holidays. The most notable holidays are during the Christmas festivities and the subsequent New Year celebrations.

Owing to the increased crowds, it also goes without saying that this also leads to the highest hotel rates. When traveling during this time, it helps to book well in advance. For visitors who want to steer clear of the crowds and make the best of the city’s weather, the shoulder season provides the perfect time to travel.

The shoulder season lasts through the following months: May, June, September, and November. This season presents late spring, early summer, and late summer, providing the best of both worlds. Traveling during this season allows the flexibility of discounted rates – particularly for those staying during the week.

The low season, on the other hand, coincides with summer in Las Vegas. The city’s location in the desert means that soaring temperatures may make it a little hard to get around. For this reason, the season represents the least crowds and the best discounts. It may, however, be hard to venture outdoors due to the heat. Prepare to stay indoors for extended periods and to make the best of the hotel’s pools. This is also the perfect time to enjoy the city’s array of indoor attractions.

As a general tip, planning a mid-week Las Vegas trip increases the chances of getting lower rates as the city is a popular weekend destination. Make sure to check out the city’s convention schedule, as this will affect hotel availability and prices.

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