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Where Is Las Vegas
Where Is Las Vegas

Where is Las Vegas

If you ever wondered and asked the question, “where is Las Vegas”, Las Vegas is a famous city located in the Mojave Desert, in the southern region of the state of Nevada in the USA.

The city is located at a longitude of -115.14 and latitude of 36.17, and 613 meters above sea level.

Where is Las Vegas & The Strip Located on The Map in Nevada, USA & World

Owing to its desert location, the city’s climate is arid, with extremely dry and hot weather during summer. Summer temperatures often get to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), making summer one of the least popular times to visit the city.

Winter presents a cooler time to visit Las Vegas, and this attracts considerably large crowds of visitors keen on exploring the city. It is rare for Las Vegas to experience snow, but at the mountains that surround the city, the peaks are covered in snow. This allows for close access to popular winter activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

Spring and fall are perhaps the most enjoyable times of all seasons, with cool temperatures for both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy.

It is also the most populated city in the state, with more than half a million residents. The city is fondly referred to as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and for a good reason. The city’s numerous hotel-casino complexes make it a delightful adult playground for just about every fantasy. Some of the city’s best casinos include the Caesars Palace for sports betting, The ARIA for slot gaming, the Golden Nugget, as well as the Cosmopolitan.

Las Vegas is a city of superlatives, within whose boundaries stand the largest pyramid at the Sphinx, one of the biggest hotels at the MGM Grand, as well as one of the most luxurious hotels at the Bellagio. The city’s most iconic performances include the famous Cirque du Soleil shows, comedy shows, and the best live concerts. Other attractions in Las Vegas include adult shows, magic shows, and tribute shows.

Some fun facts about Las Vegas include the fact that the city’s chapels hold more than 300 weddings daily and welcome close to 40 million visitors annually. Lastly, the Las Vega Strip is the brightest location on earth as observed from outer space, living up to its neon-lit status.

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