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Absinthe is a live show that has, over the years, become one of Las Vegas’ most popular shows in the city’s history.

This thought-provoking show is a superb combination of spectacular acts and a carnival atmosphere for a most memorable performance.

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The show, which plays at the Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace, is hosted by ‘The Gazillionaire.’ It draws inspiration from the European cabarets of the late 19th Century and is today loved for its diverse elements of burlesque, vaudeville, and circus – befitting for the modern-day audience.

It is important for guests to note that the show is only open to adults 18 years and above, thanks to its racy touch. Grab your favorite cocktail and make your way to the awe-inspiring Spiegelworld tent for a fantastic night out. It is not hard to notice that the stage is both bold and intimate. As such, this show is not for the faint at heart, but if you can brave it, the insanely talented performers will wow you with their talent, crazy comedy, and incredible feats.

One of the most surprising aspects of the show is its ability to mock different facets of the entertainment business. In addition to the host who introduces the performers, the show has two other recurring roles.

Penny Pibbets is a character who kicks off the show in earnest with a routine using a sock puppet, before giving way to the Green Fairy. The Green Fairy is sweetness personified – a far cry from the two other recurring roles. Visitors can follow her through the performance, thanks to her green costume. The Green Fairy enthralls her audience with a striptease, building up to the rest of the performance.

Absinthe typically lasts 90 minutes, with the audience seated around the stage in a circle. Visitors can enjoy drinks ordered from the back of the tent.

Once the show ends, the exit is opened up to allow easy access to the beer garden located at Caesars Palace.

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Where is the Absinthe located?
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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

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