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Defending The Caveman

Defending the Caveman

Defending the Caveman is a hilarious show that explores the outrageous similarities between how men and women relate, with antics of ancient cavemen.

Granted, understanding the opposite sex is not a walk in the park, but this show explains it in a candid and rib-cracking manner.

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The one-man show has earned accolades for the longest-running solo performance in Broadway’s history. What’s more, it has been watched in almost 50 countries globally and translated into dozens of languages. Catch the side-splitting action in Las Vegas.

The performance features Kevin Burke as the funny Caveman whose antics are all too relatable for the audience. One of the most amazing aspects of this one-man show is that both men and women can see themselves in how they relate with regards to the Caveman’s stories. The show sheds light on how lovers address conflict, how they love, and ultimately, how they laugh, making this a must-attend show.

The use of sound techniques and props that mimic those used in the pre-historic period enhances the performances, with Caveman’s typical jeans and tee combination makes him relatable to the audience. Guests are often amazed to learn that the popular comedy show was written by Rob Becker, following a study of different fields that including sociology, mythology, anthropology, and prehistory, in light of the fights that men and women will typically have.

The show’s success is evident in its sold-out performances in Las Vegas. Whether you are a young single person looking for an insightful performance, or are planning a wild bachelorette party, or simply looking out for a good time in the city, Defending the Caveman is a must-attend show.

The show is a family-friendly performance and features no age restrictions. It runs all week long, from 8:40pm at the Showroom located at The D Las Vegas. Visitors may use the Las Vegas Pass, which covers general admission to the show.

Defending the Caveman lives up to its tag line of ‘A couple that laughs together stays together,’ and is a worthwhile night out in Las Vegas.

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