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Men of Sapphire

Men of Sapphire is a male revue that showcases some of the city’s hottest dancers at the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club.

Whether you’re celebrating a wild night out in Las Vegas, out for some good fun at a bachelorette party, or simply after a good time, this show is the perfect destination.

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The show’s host takes to the stage and works to keep the audience entertained. The male cast is then welcomed on stage to perform, eliciting excited screams from the audience. As the performances begin, the hot males walk around the audience, perhaps to allow guests to catch glimpses of their hot bodies before the action starts.

The flashing lights mark the entry of the opening number. This is the only part of the show where four performers entertain the audiences all at once. The group’s signature hoodies and baggy jeans are a sight to behold as the men’s choreographed moves bring the club to life.

The Men of Sapphire male revue stands out because, unlike others where all the performers dance to routine moves, this revue has each performer taking their turn on the stage. This is one of the most amazing highlights of the show, as each performer lives up to a known fantasy. Whether it is an incredible hip-hop character, a marine, fireman, biker, or charming cowboy, there is an act for just about every fantasy.

Some of the ticket options for the male revue include Girls Wanna Have Fun, Girls Night Out, Champagne Whipped, and Hot Seat on Stage. Some of the perks of choosing the different packages include complimentary transportation, front line admission, and a private table. The Hot Seat on Stage package is popular for its bonus benefits that include free admission to the Pool and Day Club.

The show lasts approximately 180 minutes and culminates in stage dances and some private action for an unforgettable experience. Men of Sapphire is held at the Sapphire Showroom, within the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club. The show runs from 10pm from Thursday to Sunday and is only open to those over 21 years.

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Where is the Men of Sapphire located?
What is the Men of Sapphire address?
Sapphire Gentleman's Club 3025 Sammy Davis Jr Drive, Las Vegas, NV

Please visit our website for more information on the Men of Sapphire.
What are the Men of Sapphire entry prices?
Girls Wanna Have Fun: $50
Girls Night Out: $60
Bringing Sexy Back: $99 (2 hour open bar)

Most tickets come with complimentary transportation, front of line admission, private table or VIP seating. Also Includes complimentary admission to Sapphire Pool & Day Club during Season and a House Shot.

Taxes not included. Package prices are for goods and services only. Admission is complimentary

Please visit our website for more information on the Men of Sapphire.
What is the Men of Sapphire phone number?

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