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Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours
Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours

Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours

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Las Vegas pop culture tours was started in 2013 by Richard Hooker and Babs Daitch to create a unique package for visitors touring the city.

This combination worked out perfectly because it brought on board Richard’s expertise in arts and culture and Babs’ love for tourism.

Las Vegas Pop Culture Tours, Fremont Downtown & The Strip Walking Tour

Richard, a cultural urbanist, has previously worked on a number of projects at the Neon Museum, and it is this brilliance that has enabled the duo to curate an excellent pop culture tour. The tour includes two key activities: The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont, as well as the Art & Vintage Vegas Antiques Walking Tour Downtown.

The Pop Culture Walking Tour of Fremont is the perfect way to explore Downtown Las Vegas, with the 90-minute walking tour taking you to the heart of America’s pop culture city. The walking tours are conducted along ten downtown blocks with a dozen stops during the walk. In addition to this, there is a brief walkthrough of six of the city’s most historic casinos.

This walking tour is also the chance to enjoy highlights of the iconic neon signs that the city is best known for. The signs, most of which were sourced from the old casinos, tell the tale of the city’s vibrant past. Take time to learn about some of Vegas’ personalities and entertainers who have put the city firmly on the global map.

As the walk approaches Fremont East, visitors get the chance to visit some of the hip lounges, new restaurants, and fancy shops – perfect for souvenir-shopping. Downtown Container Park is one of the highlights of the walk, which was an audacious attempt to redefine Downtown Vegas.

One of the most exciting aspects of this walking tour is that the guides provide excellent tips about spots for happy hour, exciting places to shop, as well as quirky places to visit.

For art lovers, the Arts and Vintage Vegas Antiques Walking Tour Downtown is also worth checking out. There is no better way to discover Las Vegas than on a bright afternoon through the Arts District and its neighborhood.

Booking one of these Las Vegas pop culture tours can be done online.

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