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Goodsprings is one of Clark County’s unincorporated towns – a charming little town that makes for a great day trip in the region.

The town was named after Joseph Good, one of the early settlers whose cattle were known to graze by the springs located at the foot of the beautiful Spring Mountains.

Goodsprings Hotels, Ghost Town, Restaurants & Bars Map, Nevada

In its heyday, Goodsprings was once a thriving mining town. While the production has reduced significantly, the town is still known to have rich deposits of gold, zinc, lead, silver, and copper. Before 1900, the town was home to a post office, a collection of tent cabins, as well as mill plant.

One of the oldest structures within the town is the Goodsprings Schoolhouse. Built back in 1913, it is the oldest school in the county and continues to be in use today. The school stands out for its Colonial Revival style and is today listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places.

Another of Goodsprings highlights is the world-renowned Pioneer Saloon. The saloon represents the confluence of the town’s rich history and the coziness of its laid-back approach. It is this very saloon that iconic actor Clark Gable sat to have his drinks following the death of his actress wife, Carole Lombard.

In the years that followed, Pioneer Saloon would be featured in many movies and shows. It is a fascinating place to explore, mainly because its décor includes old paper clippings that help tell the saloon’s story.

Right next to the Pioneer Saloon is the Goodsprings Café that once served hungry miners in the town. Today, it is a favorite for locals as it is the go-to store for the town’s grocery needs – not as a café, but as a general store. In addition to groceries, the store is also famous for its gourmet foods, decadent chocolates, as well as an array of souvenirs.

Goodsprings is also home to ghost structures that make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The best part out about touring the town is its existence, not as a ghost town, but as a thriving part of Clark County.

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