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Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley is a popular town in Clark County – located about 65 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, and 75 miles from St. George in Utah.

The town is inclusive of the following smaller communities: Moapa, Overton, and Logandale.

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There are many reasons why you should visit Moapa Valley, ranging from exciting recreational activities to natural attractions and wild adventures. One of the most popular attractions in the valley is the Valley of Fire State Park. As the oldest park in the state, this is a great destination for the whole family. There is something for everyone to enjoy; from hiking to cycling and sightseeing.

The park also has two camping sites, with a total of 73 units. Amenities available at the campsites include restrooms, shaded tables, a dump station, as well as showers. A Visitor’s Center also provides information on the history and geology of the park.

Saint Thomas in Overton is a popular Nevada ghost town, and for a good reason. What was previously a pioneer settlement in the mid-19th century has since become a key attraction. This is a fascinating way to explore the town’s heritage, as well as respect its people.

The Overton Wildlife Management Area is one of the must-visit places in Moapa Valley. Home to many mammals and a diverse set of bird species, the area is ideal for wildlife viewing. Other fun-filled activities include fishing, boating, and hunting.

A tour of the town would be incomplete without taking a moment to appreciate the Double Negative Land Art. This form of art was designed in 1960 and consists of two unique trenches whose excavated rock and soil was dumped in a canyon nearby, creating a spectacular view right in the heart of the valley.

Other attractions in Moapa Valley include the rugged Logandale Trails, the Lost City Museum, as well as the Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

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