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Desert View Overlook

Desert View Overlook

The Desert View Overlook is a popular stopover and viewpoint in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

The overlook is a must-visit because it allows something for everyone – natural hiking trails, history lessons, and the most stunning views in the region.

Desert View Overlook, Hiking Trail, Car & Bus Parking, Mount Charleston

The Desert View Overlook is located along Deer Creek Road in Mt Charleston, just about 50 minutes from Las Vegas. Its proximity to the neon-lit city makes it the perfect destination for a short trip.

The overlook is easily accessible using the Desert View Overlook Trail, which& begins at the parking lot. There is ample parking space available, alongside amenities such as the information kiosk and bathrooms. The kiosk provides insightful information about the desert region, its history, how to access the overlook, as well as some of the species that thrive in the area.

The trail is about a mile long for a round trip and is paved all the way. This makes it wheelchair accessible to cater for visitors with physical impairments. While it makes for a relatively easy walk, there is little shade along the trail.

The trail leads up to the overlook where visitors are welcomed by stunning views of the desert landscape to the north. The overlook features panels that provide information about the area and explains the historical significance of the site as well.

In the past, the Desert View Overlook marked the point where people gathered to watch the more than 900 atomic bombs tests carried out by the US military in the mid-20th century. Today, the region still features military activity as some military sites continue to test their weapons. On a good day, visitors may be able to spot the US Air force maneuvers or even spot UFOs hovering over the famous Area 51.

Whether you are looking to take a road trip from Las Vegas, or are simply exploring points of interest in the region, the Desert View Overlook is a must-visit. It is a beautiful reminder of its rich history and how the desert landscape has recovered to support an incredible ecosystem.

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