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Mohave Point

Mohave Point in the Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most spectacular viewpoints along the Canyon’s South Rim. From this point, visitors enjoy unobstructed views of the 3000-foot high ridges.

The almost-vertical cliffs are a true geologic wonder, and one of the main reasons why Mohave is a popular spot for hikers in the park.

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Mohave Point’s awe-inspiring views of the region include the Abyss whose cliffs stretch to Pima Point – another popular lookout west of the Mohave. Beyond Pima, lies the Havasupai, Cocopa, and Yuma Point visible in the distance.

Down below, visitors get to see a section of the Colorado River, which is easily identifiable thanks to the multiple rapids on the half-mile stretch of the River. These include the Salt Creek, Hermit, Granite, and Boucher Rapids that mark the end of Monument Creek. The rapids are a popular spot for whitewater rafting – one of the thrilling water activities on the Colorado River.

Mohave Point also provides excellent views of Bright Angel Canyon. Some of the features at this canyon include Trinity Creek, Ninety-one Mile Creek, and Ninety-four Mile Creek, all of which run across the canyon. From Mohave Point, you can also see ‘the Alligator.’ This is the name given to a rugged sandstone mesa whose red hues stand out across the landscape.

The views from Mohave Point may not provide the panoramic views of Hopi Point, but what Mohave lacks in this it makes up for with magnificent sunrise and sunset photos. It also tends to be less crowded than other viewpoints along the route, providing serenity and tranquility along the Canyon’s South Rim.

This is also the perfect place to stop for a snack break, where you can relax on any of the enormous rocks that dot the overlook.

Mohave Point is located 1.1 miles west of the Abyss viewpoint and 0.8 miles east of Hopi Point. The point also marks one of the stops along the Hermit Road, which is a popular scenic route that visitors follow to explore the South Rim region.

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Grand Canyon Visitor Center
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Weekly Passes
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