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Las Vegas To Utah

Las Vegas to Utah

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A road trip from Las Vegas to Utah offers some of the most spectacular views across the states.

From expansive deserts to grand canyons, national parks, and stunning rock formations, the route to Utah makes for a memorable trip.

Las Vegas to Utah Road Trip By Car, National Parks & Nearby Attractions

It is easy to spend many days exploring the outdoors, but for a start, a trip that lasts a couple of days is the perfect way to explore the region. Whether you are looking to see some of the famous landmarks, or want to view the breathtaking scenery, going from Las Vegas to Utah is sure to help make memories.

Owing to the abundance of national parks close to Las Vegas, it makes for an ideal place to start the adventure. While the below may not be the most direct route, it is undoubtedly the most picturesque!

From Las Vegas, one of the most iconic landmarks is the Hoover Dam. The dam, which is located about forty-five minutes outside Las Vegas, is a popular attraction in the region. Visitors get to walk along the dam’s top for free, but there are also tours for those who would love to learn more about the dam’s history and how it works.

From the dam, visitors can take the four-hour drive to the Grand Canyon. With several stops along the road, this stretch of the trip makes for an exciting adventure. About an hour into the journey, travelers have the chance to make a stop at the iconic Route 66 – a key historical marker on the journey.

Further away, a small quirky town known as Williams welcomes visitors to experience its rich heritage. The town offers affordable accommodation and easy access to the Grand Canyon. Spend a day or two at the Grand Canyon National Park to soak in its fantastic scenery and enjoy its magnificent views. There are many viewpoints and hiking trails at the canyon – a perfect combination for nature lovers.

Continue north from here where both the Bryce and Antelope Canyons await your exploration. Bryce Canyon National Park is easily recognizable for its towering hoodoos. Other attractions in Utah include the Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Monument Valley.

When looking for adventure close to Sin City, look no further than a Utah road trip.

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