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Hawaiian Marketplace

Hawaiian Marketplace

The Hawaiian Marketplace is a popular attraction because it brings together all the tropical vibes of the island to the outdoor shopping mall on the Las Vegas Strip.

Inspired by the International Marketplace in Honolulu, the Hawaiian Marketplace is worth checking out for shopaholics visiting Las Vegas.

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The aura of the island comes alive with the presence of vibrant colors, delightful tropical plants, and an array of Hawaiian statues for good measure. The moment you step foot under the overhang that marks the entrance to the marketplace, you are welcomed by a variety of stalls selling a wide range of items.

From quirky souvenir tees to cute little purses, hats to cool off the summer heat, belts, and jewelry pieces, there is no excuse not to enjoy shopping at the Hawaiian Marketplace. If you are looking for something with a personal touch, you can be sure to find it with the many customized nameplates on sale. These make for excellent last-minute souvenirs.

The best part about it all is that the stalls are centrally located in the market, and this makes shopping for similar gifts much easier. One of the highlights of this market is the temporary tattoo parlors. If you have always wanted to rock some ink, but are not sure about the permanent version, then this is a safe bet for you.

The tattooist will draw on your skin a temporary black tattoo to reflect the design you’d like. This is made possible using fruit dye, which is very safe. With ample seating space in a shaded area, the temporary tattoos are an incredible way to have fun at the marketplace.

Look out for Lali Smoke and Snack Shop, which is a convenient stall that sells snacks, food, and water, among other essentials. In true aloha spirit, the shop also stocks tobacco and hookah products. XTC boutique is also worth checking and is home to apparel suited for the island, such as dress shirts and feather accessories.

Depending on the time of visit, you can always find tribute bands performing. The Hawaiian Marketplace truly brings the island to the heart of Vegas.

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